Hello! I'm Piero

Piero Dri was born in Venice in 1983. After completing the Liceo Scientifico he enrolled at Padova University where in 2005 he graduated in Astronomy with the highest honours. Without hesitation he enrolled in the Master’s Degree but, with only a few exams to go, something began troubling him. A confused thought which slowly suggested that perhaps he would become something other than an Astronomer. He was moved by a growing need to reconnect strongly with his own Venice, and with his own daily life in particular. The love for Venetian boats and rowing had always been a distinctive trait of Piero. This passion of his was now starting to become something stronger.

He started to attend the Bottega (workshop) of Paolo Brandolisio, skilled maestro remèr (oar craftsman), himself an apprentice of the great G.Carli. In the meantime, he succeeded in completing his studies graduating from the Master’s Degree in Astronomy in 2009. His mind, however, was now pointed at oars and forcole, and at the rediscovery of an ancient craft which makes him proud of being a Venetian and a direct protagonist of the true Venice.

In 2013, after two years dedicated to restoring an old warehouse, he opened his own Bottega. Piero is the fourth and youngest remer (oar maker) in Venice. The new workshop takes the name of Il Forcolaio Matto. And it is here that Piero began his path of independent work, creating oars and forcole for the nearby gondoliers of S.Sofia, the regatta racers, and the Remiere (Rowing Clubs).

Piero suggests rowing as an alternative way to see and live the city of Venice. A healthy, smart, and entirely low-cost way to move around and discover the secrets and the hidden corners of the most beautiful city on water in the world.