The oar of a venetian boat varies in size according to the type of vessel, the position in which it will be used (should there be more than one rower), and the preferences of the rower.

The central part of the oar is built with ramin wood, whereas the extremeties are made of beechwood, more resistant to impacts against houses and other boats, resulting from the narrowness of venetian canals.

Each oar that Piero creates is a unique piece, different from the others in weight and flexibility. The ramin board therefore must be carefully selected so as to find the most suitable piece to the customer’s needs.

A thick oar often needs repairing, especially in the point where it leans against the forcola. Once the worn down or fractured wood has been removed, a new piece, known as “soraosso” is glued in, and subsequently modelled and brought back to the perfect cilindrical original shape. Naturally the extremeties of the oar, known as “cortei” (blades) may also be replaced with new pieces of beechwood ready for uncountable new impacts!