The workshop

The workshop of a remèr is unique in its kind. It is both a place of manufacturing and of selling the finished products. Stopping to watch the remèr at work is without a doubt a pleasant and characteristic experience, delving into an ancient world in which art and craftsmanship meet and merge together. It is the ideal spot to understand Venice, what it has always been and to appreciate the importance and the quality of the artisan’s work.
In Il Forcolaio Matto’s workshop you can find all the tools, some very old and used for generations, necessary to the building of oars and forcole, essential to Venetian life. Each element is arranged in orderly fashion so as to have always the space and light required for the manufacturing.
A visit to the the workshop of Piero Dri will allow you to observe where and how the “maestro remèr” stores the wood for a careful and slow natural seasoning.
The workshop of the remèr in Venice is also a place for the exchange of ideas and the discussion of technical and sport themes regarding Venetian-style rowing, a significant glimpse into Venetian life.
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45 min ita/eng
Mon-Fri / 12 am-1 pm / 90 € 
Sat (on request) 160 €
Max 15 pax