The venetian forcola

The forcola exists solely in Venice. Therefore its manufacturer, the remèr, carries out a unique craft in the world. It is an ancient craft which dates back to over 700 years ago, and must be carried out with great passion, perserverance, and extraordinary manual skills to equip rowers with an extremely refined object in aesthetic terms and absolutely efficient from a technical and functional point of view. 

How to make a forcola?

Due to the very particular aesthetic qualities of the forcola, this object is recognised as a true piece of art, an elegant sculpture which may be placed as a piece of interior decor in one’s home. The forcola may also be given as a fine present for important occasions such as, for example, a wedding or an anniversary.

Il Forcolaio Matto also offers miniature forcole, faithful scaled reproductions of the real Gondola forcola, created with the exact same features, the same wood and finishings as those used by gondoliers.

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